Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Things the Zehr Family learned on vacation

We were blessed to spend a week in Hilton Head with the Norris family and our parents. It was a fabulous time and great weather. I observed a few things that we learned while we were there:

1. Strollers do not float.......Sophie pushed hers into the pool the first day we went to the pool, it sank.

2. It is possible to hit a squirrel on the head with a fun noodle (accidentally, of course). You'll have to ask Elijah for the whole story.

3. After a fun day of surf, sand and sun you can sleep pretty soundly in a bed that had a huge spider sitting in it when you turned back the covers. (I killed it of course).

4. Sophie does not know her planets. At sunset one night we observed the moon and a planet nearby.....after discussing the possible planets that it could be Jeremy decided it was Venus( he is the smartest of us all)......Sophie promptly yelled "I see Venus" only she substituted the "V" with a "P"! Sophie had a quick lesson on the solar system!

5. Turtles are idiots (according to Elijah). He could not figure out why they would swim around the alligator's mouth that lived in a lagoon on our plantation. We really did not know why they did that either.

6. Sophie and Will learned that despite the vastness of the beach and ocean, the sand in the other person's bucket is always more interesting than the sand in your own.

7. There is not a hush puppy on all of Hilton Head Island (one of mine and Amanda's favorite food groups) but.......The Lady and Son's in Savannah, Georgia (Paula Deen's restaurant) has fantastic turnip greens (one of my favorite food groups :) ) and the rest of the food is really yummy too!

So, as you can tell we learned a lot, laughed a lot and made some great memories! Thanks to the Norris family for all of the planning and to Grannie Annie and Papa Ben for making the trip to share some special time with your grandchildren!