Monday, May 26, 2008

Were they callin' for rain?????

This was my Memorial Day Project.
But sadly, I was interrupted by a monsoon! So I spent some time putzing around Pioneer Woman cooks. This is the result:
The recipes are cheese and olive bread, Marlboro Man's 2ND favorite sandwich (the chicken, we didn't eat it on a bun) and bacon wrapped, stuffed jalapeno thingys. We will be scheduling our EKG's first thing in the morning! ~Happy Memorial Day!~


lauraknight said...

Oh my! It all looks good, but the olive cheese bread?!? My goodness it sounds yummy. Oh, and the chair looks good too, but you see what I was first to comment about...the food! :)

Teble said...

Yum. You're making me hungry.

Did you make the cushions or buy them? Tres cute chair. Love the green.

Ashley said...

I love Pioneer Women, but have never tried anything she cooks! I should, though.