Wednesday, August 20, 2008

School Rules

Our school year has started off great! We have had happy mornings (for the most part) and fun times in the afternoons. Everyone is adjusting well to their new teachers and I am adjusting to my new little Pre-K students.

I'll admit I am struggling with the whole 5th grade thing. I am okay with the 2nd grade and 3 year old class placements because that is still young sounding. 5th grade just seems so baby is growing up.......I feel like we are on the verge of something......honestly, I know we are.

They are all growing up so fast (too fast) but I am learning to smile thru the tears in my heart and cheer them on to new adventures. Motherhood is not for sissies!

Anyway, enough sap. I'll just close by saying that they brought home their TCAP scores from the end of last year. I am pretty sure I'm raising geniuses :0)!

My 2nd and 5TH GRADER!
Sweetie Sophie
Cupcake treats from one of my students

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terry wood said...

hey, zehr! this is terry wood! i've finally found you guys! wow! anyway, i'm blogging too. check it out at and you can email me from there too. i'd love to catch up with you guys and see what you're up to. by the way, i just did a cd and got it on itunes a couple of months ago. hope you guys are doing well! shannon and i think of you guys often. email us when you can!