Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Very Merry

Boy, am I behind! If you are like me you are WAY OVER CHRISTMAS, but in the interest of preserving memories for my family, here is a quick recap of our Christmas. We celebrated with Dann's family in Indiana over Thanksgiving and got the only real snow we have seen this season. We continued the tradition of drawing names and making the gifts. Next year will be the 20th anniversary of this tradition. It is always fun to see what everyone comes up with.

Sophie was an angel in the Thursday CLC Christmas program and sang in the choir in the Wednesday program.

We went to East TN for Christmas and had a great time despite over 20 of us getting a stomach virus! Fun times :0(. Papa and Grannie were very generous (as usual) and we are very much enjoying our Wii and Wii Fit! The kids had fun playing with Will, Jadyn, Logan and Asha and loved being spoiled by their aunts and uncles!


Shelly Conn said...

Ashley, I love your new blog background whoooo do you love? So cute.
Also, Sophie definitely makes a sweet angel also! :) Glad you all had a great Christmas!

jaredandkatie said...

So...I'm wondering. Is that Will dressed up like a princess with Sophie? I wonder why Amanda didn't post that on her blog!

Thomas said...

I think this is my first response to a blog. An historic occasion, fer sure! Love your blog/pictures. The kids are soooooo cute. Makes me feel closer to you guys! Maybe you can give me a lesson on setting up a blog-- you're the greatest! Oh, BTW, I set up Facebook, & even rec'd confirmation, but can't figure out how to write anything on it. I grew up in the wrong decade. Love you all! Deanna