Thursday, January 03, 2008

Holiday Highlights

Okay, I'm better......the official diagnosis was scarlet fever and strep throat. Sophie only had strep so that is good! I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Our season was fun filled. Sophie was an angel in the CLC Christmas play and Elijah's school did the play Santa, You've Got Mail. It explored all of the holidays in December so we learned a little more about Kwanza and Hannukah too! The photo of Sophie and Addie should be funny when they are teenagers! The babies and toddlers at CLC begin the play by walking thru the auditorium. I was happy to get a smile from Jadyn since I had just corrected her nap hair! I will post more later on our travels!

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lauraknight said...

Sophie and Addie are the cutest angels I've ever seen! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

I'm so glad you are better. We need to get together and catch up soon.