Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Tender Tennessee Christmas

It is late coming but here are some photos from our East Tennessee Christmas. Despite illness we had a good time and Papa Ben and Grannie Annie went a little crazy (much to our children's delight) with the gift giving! We spent Christmas Eve at Sissy and Darryl's house but since my temp was 102.8 I only managed to snap a couple of photos. The worst part of being sick at Christmas is that I missed all of the once a year food. Patsy's broccoli casserole, Amanda's deviled eggs, Sissy's strawberry pretzel salad, Vern's potato salad and Daddy's ham. I guess the bright side of that is I saved a lot of calories. I gave Santa Claus permission to give the girls my childhood dollhouse. Many thanks to Santa's helper (Papa Ben) for the extreme makeover! (No more '70's wallpaper). They were very surprised and Santa brought them some neat furniture to play with. EBZ's big surprise was a V-Bot (a remote control car transformer thingy that I will admit is cool). Christmas afternoon we traveled to Knoxville to Amanda and Jeremy's house for more gift opening and eating. I will post about our Indiana adventures later!


lauraknight said...

Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

ASHLEY & CREW: I LOVE THE PICTURES, we had a wonderful Christmas with y'all, I'm sorry that you & Sophie were so sick......Love you much...Grannie