Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A Really Good Photo

I received the following photo via email yesterday. My Uncle Vern took the photo the last time they were here. I don't know which is more precious.......the photo of her grubby hands fearlessly holding the frog or the words he wrote about her:
"Looking at this picture, One would assume that they are looking at the hands of some adolesent boy doing what boys do. But in reality they are the hands of my favorite tom-boy, Macklin Zehr my great-niece, and she is indeed a GREAT NIECE !"
I am very grateful for a family who are crazy about my kids and love them each just the way they are!


alison b said...

i love this.

Shelly Conn said...

What an awesome picture! She's a sweet girl. :)

Anonymous said...

Leave it to Macklin,how can such a sweet & pretty girl pick up such things? Reminds me og that time that she caught that mouse at Amanda & Jeremy's house..when they lived in the country...Love y'all...Grannie