Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I just wrote a note to Macklin's teacher apologizing for her behavior at school today.
She got a smiley face instead of a star.
Her trouble?
She was dancing in the hallway!
Now obedience is expected at all times (though never accomplished 100% of the time) especially at school, but I'll admit that today's offense made me a little sad.
Wouldn't the world be a little better place if the rules were that we could all
take the time to dance when we were in the mood?
In the meantime we can just let Macklin do the dancing for us! (just not at school :0) )

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Anonymous said...

Ashley: Since I can no longer dance, Macklin can dance for me as long as it don't break some crazy rule, we could all use a little Macklin in us.....she is a jewel..Love to all, GTrannie