Wednesday, April 01, 2009

An April Fool

This morning while Macklin was getting ready for school she said

"Mom, Mrs. Moore said that if we did well on our science test that we could go on a school bus on a field trip to hear Dave Ramsey."
Dave Ramsey????

I know that times are tough and the economy is lagging some but why would you take 2nd graders to hear a seminar about getting out of debt? Most second graders do not have debt!

So I said "Dave Ramsey?" "Are you sure?" To which she replied "Mom, APRIL FOOLS!!!!
I honestly fell for it. So I guess that makes me an April fool!

She is such a funny girl. She has to write sentences each week for her spelling words. Her sentences this week cracked me up! Her sentences for the words short, force and for were:

To make a long story short, she hit me and I hit her.

The Stars Wars people use force.

I cannot think of a sentence for this word.
I wonder if her teacher thinks she is as clever as I do?

Good night from an April Fool!
(photo taken on the occassion of her sassy new hair cut she got during spring break)


Laura said...

Nice haircut Macklin!!!! Very sassy!

Love the sentences!

lauraknight said...

Love the haircut and love Macklin even more!

Teble said...

That child has her mama's sass!