Sunday, April 05, 2009


This past Friday night we decided to stay at home for a family night. While deciding what we would have for dinner it occurred to me that my kids have never fondued (is that a word??) with anything but chocolate. It probably has something to do with the flaming pot of oil that you use to cook your food! I decided that with supervision that they probably could handle it. Fonduing (again, is that a word?) was one of my favorite meals to eat with my family when I was a kid ( can you say 1970's burnt orange fondue pot?) and I wanted to share that with my kids.
They really got a kick out of it and enjoyed cooking their own food. I am happy to report that no one got burned.
Sophie was my most skeptical diner. She did not want to get her food "wet". I explained to her that her food had to get "wet" in order for it to be cooked! I am pretty sure she ate an entire raw zucchini one slice at a time but she did eventually eat some chicken and fried cheese and potatoes.
It was a fun family meal that we plan to do again soon.
Now, if someone will tell me what to do with that nasty pot of oil !!!!!
(Sorry that we didn't think to take a photo until we were almost finished. It was more appetizing at the beginning :0P )


Alison B. said...

is elijah ben dining in a wife beater?

The Zehrs said...

Why yes he is. We are that classy :0)!

Janeen Jordan said...

We love to Fondue, but don't do it very often. Maybe it's the whole "what do I do with this oil" thing that keeps me from doing it more often! I think we end up pouring it in the backyard near the a/c vent (where it's never seen) b/c the grass won't grow there.