Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

I sent my Mom a card this year that told her how much I appreciated her. Now, I am not a mushy card all, but something about this card just appealed to me. It's not that I don't appreciate her but the card was about how I didn't realize all she did when I was growing up. Well, how true is that! I don't remember a time that my Mom did anything without first thinking of her girls. This is the work of a Mother. I almost lost my Mom several years ago (and my Dad three years ago). I am so thankful that the Lord saw fit to spare them so that my children could have them as grandparents! I often get to the end of my day after making sure everyone got where they needed to be, ate three semi nutritious meals, had showers and baths and got into bed on time, (not to mention everything else we do) and wonder "Do my kids even LIKE me? Well, of course they do.....they just don't always show it! They may even get to the end of their day and wonder "Does my Mom even LIKE me? But as families go, we know that we love each other without condition and without fail! So, maybe by the time my kids are 35 with kids of their own they too will realize that there is nothing about my day that doesn't first begin with thoughts of my children. Even if they don' will still have been worth it. Have a GREAT day!


Ruth said...

Happy Mother's Day Ashley as your friend since you were pregnant with Mac. I know how much you love your family, it shows in all you do. Love ya!

lauraknight said...

What great words!! Thanks for sharing them.

You are a wonderful mom and your kids are blessed to have you even if they don't realize that now.

lauraknight said...

Oh, I meant to tell too that I like the look of your blog!! And that I plan to get to the random facts that you tagged me for very soon.

Jeff and Christy said...

I really like your blog...we must have the same taste since mine is the same:) Glad to see you have entered the bloggy world. I hope you are inspired as much as I have been by reading other people's thoughts!!

Christy Smith