Saturday, March 15, 2008

A "Bear"el of Fun and Games!

Last night we made the trek to Opry Mills to spend some birthday gift cards. The Hoods got Macklin a Build-a Bear gift card and Elijah had Game Stop gift cards from the Hoods and the Gibsons. Sophie got an early birthday gift from Mommy and Daddy so she got to build a bear too!

Macklin's High School Musical Bear.
She chose bejeweled crocs for her too but they were in the box!

Sophie's "Beariel"

If you know Sophie you know that this bear is perfect for her!

Don't you love the red wig?

Elijah's Toy Story and Tony Hawk game choices.

He thought the bear making was "boring" (his words) but the game shopping fun!

We didn't shop anymore after we purchased the bears. Shopping with two girls carrying bears and us carrying the large cardboard "houses" that the bears live in just was too much of a challenge. We loaded up the car and went to KRISPY KREME! (and yes, the hot light was on!). A great end to a fun evening.

~Happy Soggy Saturday~


Shelly Conn said...

Sarah and J.C. LOVE Build a Bear workshop! They got to go make one last year w/ a gift card also. And who doesn't love Krispy Kreme?? You guys must have had a blast!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a blast! Sophie's bear is absolutely perfect- I didn't know that you could get your bear a red wig!!


Amy said...

Boy, that Aunt Amy sure gives great gifts! Glad everyone had a good time!!!


Anonymous said...

Zehrs': Love this post...the bears are cute & great games for E.Z.,Bunches of love to everyone...Grannie