Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Break Fun

We spent a fun spring break day with the Gibsons and the Chapmans and Emily K. at the Adventure Science Center. We got there early and stayed most of the day. The kids had a great time. The ASC is a really cool place with lots of interactive exhibits. My favorite is the Body Quest. The exhibit takes you thru all of the systems that make up your body. The digestive system takes you from the beginning (when you eat your food) to the this point you get to climb a small flight of stairs into the "colon". When you slide down the colon you land on a very large whoopee cushion with appropriate sound effects. This was Sophie's absolute favorite part of the day. The first thing she told her Daddy about the day was "The slide pooted!" Needless to say, this took some explaining! FUN TIMES :0)!


Shelly Conn said...

This looks like a great time!! I can tell the kids had a BLAST. Happy Spring Break!!

lauraknight said...

Thanks again for taking Emily along with you. She had a great time!!

Laura said...

That is hilarious about the slide! Looks like lots of fun!