Sunday, April 06, 2008

Root Root Root for the Home Team

Today was the official start of Elijah's baseball season. He is playing with most of the same kids from the last few seasons but now they are the Astros instead of the Braves. I thought he looked so handsome in his new uniform (he rolled his eyes) and I am so happy it is not white on white like the Braves uniform (Elijah is an enthusiatic slider and it is hard to get a white uniform clean!) It was a beautiful day and a great game! Elijah played third base for the first time and they won 9-1.


Shelly Conn said...

Congradulations on his game!! Also, he does look very handsome in his uniform. :) Need to ask you a question @ school tomorrow about age groups that start t-ball. (for Isaac) We aren't doing soccer this season.

lauraknight said...

Elijah looks great and so grown up!! Hopefully we can come out again this season to watch him play.