Sunday, April 13, 2008


It is good for the soul....but terrible for the hips! I got a bag of this snack mix (and some others) for Dann for his birthday on Thursday. This morning before church he opened this one and asked me if I wanted a bite. I had a handful and then he left it sitting beside my computer and we went to church. Well..........this afternoon while he was fixing the bathroom faucet and I was doing our taxes I ATE THE WHOLE BAG!!!!!!! I really did not mean too, it was just SO good.
I confessed to my dear sweet husband and he was very gracious. He said "I wasn't THAT crazy about it!" Well, clearly I was!
I ripped this photo off of another blog because I could not find the bag in the garbage and was not willing to dig too deep. What this bag does not tell you (apparently I had an updated receipe) that it has all of these ingredients plus a kick of cayenne pepper. MERCY, that spice just took this snack to a whole new level!
Next time you visit our Super Target $3.00 will buy you a whole lot of happiness ;0)!

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lauraknight said...

Yummy! Sounds good to me.