Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sweet Sophie is Three!

I will have to admit that this birthday has made me a little teary....my baby is 3! It just seems so much older than 2! She is not a baby anymore! Despite her silly Mommy, we had a good day. She took treats to school and as per our family tradition, she got to choose her place to eat dinner. Much to my delight she chose Pei Wei because she wanted "edamame and a diet coke." She ate her little heart out and then we had cupcakes and presents. Target has these cool dolls (Only Hearts Club) and one of the dolls is named Anna Sophia....so of course she had to have one! We took the remainder of our cupcakes to the ball field to share with her friends while we watched Elijah play ball. It was fun times and I am so grateful that one of the biggest "surprises" that Dann and I have ever received has brought us endless joy for the last three years. I love you Sophie girl!


lauraknight said...

Happy Birthday, Sophie!!

Because we are out of town, my days are all running together. Yesterday I asked Rodney what the date was and as soon as he told me I remembered that t it was Sophie's special day. Glad it was a good one for her. A 3 year old that chooses Pei Wei?!!? What can be better? :)

Leslie O said...

To my friend Sophie,
I am sorry I pushed and choked you the day before your birthday and I am sorry I scratched you on your birthday, but I think I was really sweet to you the day after your birthday and gave you a big hug.
Thank you for being so sweet and forgiving when I am a Chinese bulldog. Happy Birthday, I love you, Addie

Shelly Conn said...

Ashley, I love watching as your sweet baby #3 gets bigger and bigger! Sophie is such a cutie and I am hoping Ruthie and I get to be with her next year. I can't believe she's going to be in the THREES next year!!! Happy birthday to Sophie. She's such a special girl!