Wednesday, March 19, 2008

An Update

Brenda's surgery went well. She had a valve replacement. Thanks for praying. Dann's other sister Deanna sent a well written email to her friends and our family outling specific things to pray for. I will (with her permission) outline them here if you would like to continuing praying.
Please pray:
1. for wisdom for the doctors that care for her
2. for quick healing (no infections/complications)
3. for peace for Brenda, her husband, Billy, and their 2 girls: Rebekah, 13, and Emily, 10
4. for school to go well for the girls. Brenda is a very organized, conscientious homeschool mom! It will be hard for her to “take it easy.”
5. for peace for our mother, as her “baby” goes through this time
~Good Night~


Shelly Conn said...

Ashley, I will be thinking and praying for his sister and her children.

lauraknight said...

So glad the surgery went well. I meant to ask you about her at church last night. We will continue to pray.