Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A 6 Word Memoir

A blessed, happy wife and mother.
I was tagged by Amy to complete a six word memoir. No small task since I tend to go on and on about things. The sentence really sums up my place in life right now and I can truly say I wouldn't have made it here without the benefits of a very happy childhood filled with lots of family and fun. The examples the women in my family set before me made me who I am today as a wife and mother and for that I am truly grateful. They showed me how to have fun in the good times and how to make it thru the bad times with strength and dignity. I love them all dearly!
OK, 'nuff mush.....I tag.....
Jana (your first tag :0) )
Amanda (even though she hates tags)
Michale (I know you are out there)
Andie (I am much better than when I saw you in Target)
Ruth (shouldn't be a problem you're good at this stuff)

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