Thursday, July 03, 2008

Making Headlines

Honestly, didn't we all know it would just be a matter of time?

Macklin got her name in the paper!

Fortunately, it was for a local interest story and I knew it was coming! The article is in today's Tennessean paper ( but the interview actually took place on Tuesday.
Jana, Joy, Laura and myself and our 12 kids (yes 12) went to Mckay's used bookstore (a really great place) and then planned to go to the Bicentennial Mall for lunch, the farmer's market and playing in the fountains. Well, when we got there we discovered that the fountains are under repair.
We had 12 sets of eyes looking at us in disappointment, so we just decided to make the best of it.
We found a shady spot and unpacked lunches. While we were eating a girl approached us and identified herself as a reporter from the Tennessean. She asked if we were here to play in the fountains and when we told her yes she asked if she could ask us some questions.
We agreed and the first question she had was if we were a DAY CAMP! "Um, no ma'am these are our children." She seemed slightly embarrassed but we assured her that it was okay, we knew that there were lots of them.
Anyway, she asked to interview one of the children and Macklin eagerly volunteered.

So, that's the story of how Macklin got her name in the paper.
It's not likely to be her last ;0)!
The Interview
The broken fountains


Laura said...

The group picture turned out better than I expected considering what it took to get them all to look at the camera. :)

Way to go, Macklin! You're a star!

Leslie O said...

I'm sure there is much, much more to come from Miss Mackie-doo in the newspaper circulation world.
And good grief, shut down for repairs in the middle of summer! Looks like you still had a fun day with friends. Lelly

Shelly Conn said...

What an awesome day for Macklin! I'm glad I got to see this on the link you've got posted.
She is a sweet pea! :)