Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Widow

Macklin: "Mom, my Barbie is pregnant. She's having a baby."

Me: "Where is her husband?"

Macklin: "Oh, she does not have a husband."

Me: "Why not?" (I am a little apprehensive to hear her answer)

Macklin: "He's dead.....he got a heart attack."

Well all right then! No one can say she lacks imagination!


Amy said...

He must have got the heart attack when she told him she was pregnant. Ken's like that you know, just looking out for good ole' number 1.


ok, that gave me a much needed laugh ... He probably had a heart attack at the thought of paying for college, wedding, dance recitals, sports, shopping sprees ... etc .. Because Barbie's figure is what brings in the paycheck ... He is just the sidekick ... lol ....