Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Eating God

Most everyone that reads this blog knows that our church was involved in a Sacred Gathering the last few nights. It was awesome and there will be lots to learn (for me personally) and lots to hear about how God moved thru all of the time of prayer, fasting and worship. That brings me to my first thoughts about the experience. Fasting is something I had not experienced before. I was present at the last Sacred Gathering 4 years ago but for some reason I did not fast. Poor Jana has helped me think and think about why I would not have fasted. We thought that I might have been pregnant or nursing Sophie but since the gathering was March 2004 and she was born April of 2005 that is not possible. The only conclusion I can come up with is pure rebellion. I mentioned that I was present at the last gathering.......I am sure if I actually participated the details would be much clearer. Someone commented on Pat's blog that they chose to avoid the last gathering and wondered if they had gone, what God could have done in their, too? Anyway, things are still muddled in my head a bit but I will continue to seek God in all that he wants me to become. The fast was so interesting....clearly I like food, eat too much of it and think of it too often......but beyond that it was a time that I had to think and explain why we do what we do. Because I work at the church, the Sacred Gathering and the fast were well known events and many co-workers asked me questions about why we were doing what we were doing. What an opportunity to share! Just because you work with people at a church does not mean everyone is on the same page spiritually and often it is difficult to have spiritual conversation beyond that month's Bible curriculum. This is probably because we are well out numbered by lots of little people ages 4 and under and they demand all of our attention! I take a lot of my daily relationships for granted and I will strive to pray daily for these relationships and my example to these people.

Another interesting aspect of the fast is explaining it to my kids. Dann and I had not really told them what was going on simply because we really didn't know how to explain it (how we underestimate them!) However, Allen told them in their worship that most parents would not be eating for three days. Of course, this drew questions. The conversations went something like this. "Why are you not eating?" "Well, it is called a fast....Uncle Pat asked the church to fast and pray to learn where God was leading us." "Can we eat? Yes, children do not fast. You are still growing and not eating could make you sick." "Why can you fast? We are old and fat. We have plenty of reserve :)." "Why do you fast? So that we can listen to God and strive to be holy and righteous before him." (Dann)....silence......"So that we can become all that God wants us to be." (Me)...."Oh! Okay!" said the kids. At this point I added one more thing......"Uncle Pat encouraged us when we got hungry to pray and talk to God." Dann adds "We are learning to be hungry for God instead of food" To this a full on panic....exclaims....."YOU WANT TO EAT GOD!!!!?". We assured her that this was not the case, that being hungry for God simply meant wanting to learn what he wants us to learn and she was greatly relieved.

I will leave you with this.......If you ever the eating world with caution. I should have heeded Kyle's advice! I am up at 2:30 am enjoying (ok, not so much) my one and a half southwest eggrolls again! Time for a Zantac and an attempt at sleep! I pray that everyone has a great day and I am excited to see how God works in our family and others through all of this.


Andie said...

Macklin's comment had me in tears from laughing so hard! The mind of a child...

This was an amazing experience - I'm with you on that! I'm enjoying hearing/reading/etc. about what God did in everyone's lives through this.

Thanks for sharing!

lauraknight said...

Great thoughts, Ashley. Thanks for sharing.

That Macklin is one of a kind and I love her so much! She is precious.

Hope you and the kids are enjoying your snow day.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the grilled cheese? I think that my grilled cheese was the BEST that I have ever had! The past few days have been absolutely incredible! Glad we got to sit and experience together. It is going to be fun watching what comes out of the past few days.


Laura said...

I loved the reenactment of the conversation - it had me laughing out loud!!!

From everything I've read on the blogs, it has been an exciting time in the life of FBC Smyrna!

We miss everyone there!!

The Johnson Family said...

Too funny that Macklin!

Fasting in itself is an amazing experience but I habe also loved reading what God is doing in others lives via the blogs and especially in our church.