Monday, February 11, 2008

Wash Me!

Okay, in my defense, I am rarely in my van without Sophie and car washes freak her out. Since it is the dead of winter I am not inclined to drag out the hose, soap, sponge and bucket.That being said, If you are going to have a dirty car you might as well make the most of it. Elijah took the opportunity to use the dirt to create a family portrait. I laughed out loud when I went to the driveway and discovered it! I'll have a clean car (a zippy little sports car...not a minivan) when my kids are grown.


Becca said...

We ventured to the scary car wash today and to my great surprise both boys halfway enjoyed it! Well, that might be pushing it, but at least they didn't scream like they were dying! Jonah did tell Scotty that the white stuff (soap) hurt his ears!! I think he meant the loud sounds, but whatever!

Oh, and I can't wait to see your zippy little sports car!! Take me for a ride please!

Laura said...

My van was super nasty too. The girls love it when we stop to get gas and I draw pictures on the dirt on the windows! So we had pictures of smiley faces, snowmen, etc. all over the van windows!! Katelyn & I stopped by a car wash on Friday and got most of the dirt off! I had forgotten what color of blue my van actually was! I had become used to the dirty blue color!!! HaHa!

You'll look soooo sassy in your little sports car one day!!!

Amy said...

You know, I HAD the zippy little red sports car once and look where I am today. Oh well, one can only dream and then poof, you wake up!