Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Good Boy

Elijah is growing up and branching out a little more each day. I know that many have gone before me and can relate. We often wonder if he is retaining any of the values that we try to instill in him everyday. Today he asked to ride his bike a little further today than he ever has before. He was going with a couple of neighbor friends whom I trust. They play together most afternoons. I always have a conversation with them and the few times I have had to settle a "situation" they have always answered "Yes ma'am" and followed any instructions that I have given them. Pretty nice kids, nice parents too. So, with a smidge of hesitation I said yes. Now understand that this bike ride would put him out of my immediate sight but if I yelled he could hear me. I gave him specific boundries and instructions (at the risk of making him uncool) and off he went. He was gone for about 15 minutes and came back on cloud nine. All in one breath he said "MOMTHATWASSOCOOL!" "WE JUST RODE AND RODE AND THEN J TRIED TO GET ME TO GO OVER WHERE YOU SAID NOT TO GO." "I TOLD HIM MY MOM SAID I COULD NOT GO THERE AND HE SAID SHE'LL NEVER KNOW" "I TOLD HIM HE WAS PROBABLY RIGHT BUT IF I DIDN'T OBEY MY MOM THAT I WOULD FEEL GUILTY AND I DIDN'T FEEL LIKE FEELING GUILTY." Wow, he did the right thing. I always thought he would but it is nice to have confirmation. "What did your friends say?" (I was sure that I had made him uncool and they rode off making fun of him.) Elijah: They said "Oh, okay." and we just kept riding where we were supposed to. Elijah got a big thank you from his Momma for doing the right thing.
If you are ever in my neighborhood and see a pack of three or four boys riding up and down my street 1. Drive a little slower please and 2. Tell the boy on the black and silver Jeep bike that his Momma loves him.


Amanda said...

Such a good boy. This made me cry...almost. :) I did get teary. Tell him that we're proud of him.

Sissy said...

Oh goodness...I also got a little teary on that one. Elijah is a special kid, so is Mac & Sophie. I love your children as if they were my grandchildren. I hope you don't mind me claiming them since I don't have any of my own.

Keep up the good work updating your blog!!!!!!

Love to all!

lauraknight said...

Okay, that brought tears to my eyes too. I feel like Elijah (and all your kids) are part mine. You have good reason to be proud of him.

Laura said...

Good job Elijah! Way to make your mom proud!!! Isn't it nice to see that they do listen to us and make good decisions!!!!!