Friday, February 15, 2008

Just A Little Update

I know everyone has just been on the edge of their I thought I would let you know that the Zehrmobile has officially taken a trip to the car wash. It was everything I expected and more! Sophie started screaming when we got in line and did not stop until we were finished. I somehow thought that taking ALL of the kids would make it better but alas, I was wrong. Elijah and Macklin went from trying to comfort her and distract her, to "Mom, make her stop", to hysterically laughing at her. None of these tactics were sucessful. Enjoy the photos of my clean van because it will probably not be washed until the next time we go to my parents. My dad has the best home car wash set up ever : good driveway, great hose, lots of buckets and sponges, special bug scrubbers, drying towels, etc. and pretty much every product known to man! So,until I see my Daddy, I will continue to collect dirt and bugs with the best of them.

Have a good day!

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Anonymous said...

Poor Sophie! Eric still doesn't like the car wash, but I guess I need to endure his hysteria too- I am not sure what color the van is anymore!