Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm Raisin' One Right!

Tonight Sophie got her sippy cup and was drinking as fast as she could. When she finished she told her Daddy..."I finished my LARGE sweet tea!" Maybe she has heard her Mommy one too many times in the Sonic or McDonald's drive thru ordering fuel for the day!

By the way, since she finished her LARGE sweet tea after church tonight (it was really only about 2 ounces) I just now got her to go to sleep! She needs lessons on WHEN to drink her LARGE sweet tea but you can't learn everything in one day! At least she likes it :0)!


Ruth said...

I love Sophie and I love Sweet Tea. You should have seen the Texans last week when I would forget I had left the south and tried to order sweet tea.

The Johnson Family said...

That Sophie is so funny! I love the new picture of you and the kids!