Friday, February 22, 2008

Macklin '08

Honestly, we do not sit around talking politics with our kids all of the time! While I was writing the post regarding Sophie, Macklin was very busy writing something. This is not unusual for her. She writes stories/books every day. She had no idea what I was writing and I had not told the older kids what Sophie said about Paul Harvey, which makes her story even funnier. Her book (pictured above) is titled

What Would I Do If I Was President?

by Macklin Zehr

What would I do to be President?

Maybe I would make money fall out of trees.

(does this make her a democrat?)

Or maybe I can make lemonade fountains.

I could make a chocolate fountain.

(But nothing for my brother)

(No free rides, does this make her a Republican?)

If I were President I would make people stop fighting.

And that is why I want to be President.

So, if you are not going to vote for Paul Harvey, Macklin would appreciate your vote. (I am pretty sure that she does not have Elijah's vote :)! ) She would like everyone to know that she is available for interviews.

I think she could have a future in politics. She is already breaking campaign promises. It was about 30 minutes after she wrote her story that she got into a fight with her brother. Dann reminded her of her campaign promise of making people stop fighting. She was not amused :)!


lauraknight said...

Macklin for President!! She's got my vote. :)

Ruth said...

Go Macklin!! It's ok I fought like crazy with my big brother now I would fight like crazy for them. I am not advocating fighting but someday EB will be one of her dear friends.